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Unnatural Blood Parasites

This image is a hydra-gel parasite from a 3x vaccinated individual with paramagnetic forehead and upper arms. 

The videos below document what appears to be mature parasites predatory feeding cycle. The parasites pierces and then consumes red blood cells in a process observably similar to hydra parasite, phylum Cnidaria, using a nematocyst. In a distinct phase, the parasites manufacture unnatural artifacts, as ribbons, tubes or dark structures.

Forms of this parasite were been observed in all test subjects. Vaccinated subjects show a large, up to 15% blood volume, as these parasites while unvaccinated subjects have 1.5% or less.

Ribbon Artifact Synthesis

Other time-lapse videos show these artifacts create unnatural ribbon and black particles. The image at left shows a ribbon wrapping the artifact. The ribbon is very long and extends quite far to the right outside the frame.

Other researchers have likewise documented similar artifacts describing them as graphene nano-tubes responsive to 5G and other radio signals. 

These artifacts are observably associated with humans exhibiting unnatural paramagnetic and magnetic effects.

Nano Tech

Note how the particles in the artifact self arrange in to rows and columns. This is unnatural. These parasites mature into creation-sites for credibly documented ribbon, tube and particulate artifacts that are likely graphene based. 

These observations support the bizarre notion that these artifacts may, in fact, relate to people that have bluetooth MAC addresses.

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Nanotube Constructors

These artifacts appear to manufacture nanotube artifacts. This subject exhibited paramagnetism on both shoulders and forehead suggesting biologically adverse accumulation of graphene oxide, a paramagnetic substance, in tissues.

Paramagnetic particles absorb and conduct Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation and into blood causing perpetual hematological injury. Tri-layer graphene nanotubes are superconductors and likely absorb likely unprecedented amounts of RF energy causing devastating hematologic injury.

This image shows rd blood cells left, construction of a nanotube artifact, center, surrounded by parasite cytoplasm, above and below tube artifact, with a magnet sticking to the forehead and arm of the 3x vaccinated subject.

Video of Parasite and Red Blood Cells

This video shows the parasite consuming Red Blood Cells and growing in a multi stage process during which:

  1. Generates a cationic, positive, charge electro-statically gather Red Blood Cells into a mass;
  2. Pierces adjacent red blood cells (2 events recorded) with a stab-event that destroys the hemoglobin surface of the RBC;
  3. The parasite absorbs remains of red blood cells adjacent to the artifact;
  4. The parasite grows.

Unvaccinated Are Infected

These artifacts are apparent in vaccinated and unvaccinated samples. The video above is an unvaccinated 23 YO female. All samples tested to date in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals show hydra-parasites. Presence of these artifacts suggest an infection has been intentionally deployed to the population via multiple vectors, and are not limited to COVID vaccines.

Consistency of nematocyst feeding mechanism observed in all participants evidences the organism:

  • Was engineered;
  • Was deployed as widely as possible
  • anti-parasitic protocol strongly advised.


  • Most vaccinated subjects exhibit magnetism on arms;
  • Vaccinated have a large percentage 10-20% artifacts are blood plasma volume;
  • Vaccinated individuals usually exhibit deteriorating health;
  • Some vaccinated individuals broadcast radio signals including bluetooth.


  • Unvaccinated have a small parasite volume percentage .1% to 1.5%;
  • No serious health issues in unvaccinated subjects; 
  • One subject exhibits magnetic areas on forehead, chest, abdomen and cervical spine;
  • One health challenged unvaccinated subject exhibited general paramagnetism on forehead;
  • Everyone appears infected.

This is personal now...

I am a member of the unvaccinated test group. I have not had a COVID test, or so-called vaccine. I have eliminated the blood parasites, but still have multiple magnetic spots. See video.

My children and my neighbors have been observably affected in spite of a very carefully crafted off-grid, remote lifestyle where we augment our on-site farm food with organic products. 

In other words - if we were hit - I'd bet everybody was.

LiveO2 use seems to remediate accumulation of Graphene Oxide artifacts in the blood and appears to reduce presence of the parasites.

It helps to eliminate them when used with anti-parasitic agents.

What are  the Parasites Making?

This video shows hydra-parasites actively build other artifacts. The purpose of these artifacts is unknown and unnatural. This is the same vaccinated subject as above showing construction of a different type of artifact.

Universal presence of these artifacts in samples evidences malevolent deployment of destructive technology. 

This video shows live construction of a dark artifact inside a hydra-gel artifact. The construction of non-living artifacts evidences the existence of undisclosed purpose. One artifact manufacturing another is beyond strange.

This confirms Dr Ana Mihalcha's observations that these objects are the source blood contaminants.

This video shows live construction of a long ribbon artifact surrounded by traumatized red blood cells in rouleau formation.

This confirms Dr Ana Mihalcha's observations that these objects are the source blood contaminants.

The interview with Dr Mihalcha starts at about 16:00. 

Here is the direct link to the video on Rumble if you have problems playing it here.

Brain Radio Emissions

Don't stop watching until you observe the radio frequency emissions from the back of the skull showing this Pfizer-vaccinated persons brain has been hacked to emit radio frequency signals. This video was produced by https://www.laquintacolumna.net/

This video correlates skin magnetism, anomalous skin surface voltage and radio emissions from the back of the head.

Hydra weaponized to install nano-tech?

The defense and pharmaceutical industries have over 100,000 patents that match search term hydra-gel. 

The term medical application are equally describes bioweapons and deceptively described beneficial drug delivery. These patents are generally model inventions that mimic one or more unique characteristics of aquatic hydra organism.

  • Each fraction regenerates a whole
  • Parasitic feeding with nematocyst
  • Immortal
  • Easily engineered.

This protocol models the artifacts observed all subjects as a chimeric blood parasite based on the hydra organism.

The videos above show hydra-parasite-like use a nematocyst feeding mechanism to consume the host red blood cells and repurpose the materials into unnatural, and likely malevolent purposes. 

As a result the entire population has been targeted and apparently infected with a bioweapon. We have a big problem. 

Hydra Transgenic Facility - Keil Germany manufactures hydra for bioengineered applications

Hydra-Feeding Mechanism

The hydra has a three stage feeding mechanism:

  1. Sense prey by motion;
  2. Eject the lance to stab or puncture the target;
  3. Sense glutathione concentration to trigger feeding response;
  4. Insert a tubule to suck the juices out of the prey.

This video illustrates the native-hydra lance and consume feeding mechanism. Please note how this matches the puncture and consume behavior the hydra-gel artifacts for all subjects, where red blood cells are the prey instead of brine shrimp. 

Nematocyst Feeding Mechanism. 1) Lance the prey and 2) use a feeding tube to consume.

Products and Equipment

Product Name

Approximate Cost


$10 - shop.liveo2.com

Test biological samples including meat for contaminants that cause magnetic attributes. 

$66 - Amazon

Anti-parasitic to disable feeding mechanism 

40$ - - Amazon

Catalytic agent to breakdown graphene artifacts and anti-parasitic

~7K - shop.liveo2.com

Maximum hypoxia to flush spleen and distribute anti-parasitic and detox agents as deep as possible into tissue


Removes strongly charged particles from the body into water. Repeated use reduces paramagnetism (magnet sticking).

Day Plan

The nematocyst feeding mechanism is vulnerable to anti-parasitic compounds. Phase-1 of the protocol uses anti-parasitic substances to disable the nematocyst feeding mechanism.

Phase 1 - Observations in Unvaccinated Subjects

  • Within 2-3 days, the blood parasite population noticeably decreased, and observable parasites are devolved appearing smaller and unable to manufacture artifacts. 
  • By day 7 in parasites are no longer observable under the microscope. 


Phase 1 appears to have halted progression of nanotechnology by depriving parasites of raw materials required for manufacture. After day 5-6 observable parasites devolved so no graphene or nano-tube like structures were apparent.

Hypoxic training blood turbulence inhibits parasite evasion by three apparent mechanisms:

  1. Dislodging tissue embedded parasites
  2. Maximizing tissue dispersion of anti-parasitic agents;
  3. Releasing the spleen-blood reserve neutralizing the habitat. 

Observation based on these observations:

  1. LiveO2 workouts increased the observable blood parasites from about day 2-6. Vascular turbulence from hypoxic workouts flushed parasites from tissue to blood. Prolonged hypoxic training appears to release the spleen blood reserve to improve parasitic decimation.
  2. Very aggressive ultra-hypoxic training caused a large amount of observable parasites about day 3;
  3. No parasites were observable after day 7 regardless of aggressive ultra-hypoxic training;
  4. Dramatic, at least 80%, reduction in Graphene artifacts in all subjects, vaccinated and unvaccinated after a LiveO2 workout observed in all subjects.

Chemicals like chlorine dioxide which may "kill-off" organisms may overwhelm detoxification capacity in severely infected persons. Vaccinated individuals exhibit 10-20% of blood volume may be parasites. Killing these too quickly could release a harmful amount waste products.

Vaccinated individuals should pause anti-parasitic agents, fenbendazole, as if they feel detoxification is excessive. To date no vaccinated have reported excessive detox.

Phase 1: Disable Hydra Parasite Feeding - 7 days




1 capsule 220 mg

Undermine development of feeding tubes for hydra derived organisms. Inhibits physiology of feeding tubes.

EDTA Cream

about 1 tsp applied to skin

Absorb metal toxins and hydra-parasite breakdown waste

4-6 capsules

Binder for waste products exiting liver to prevent reabsorb

Effort to capacity

Expedite detoxification

Flush hydra-parasites out of tissue

Distribute anti-parasitic & detox agents to tissue

Ionic Foot Detox

30-60 Min

Ion exchange decontamination. Watch water for how much material comes out.

Do not use glutathione until hydra parasites growth is arrested with anti-parasitic agents.

  • 220 mg Fenbendazole to destabilize  of hydra feeding tubes. 
  • LiveO2 Workout - to capacity. - Flush organisms protected by obstructed gel flow. Maximize whole-body blood flow to maximize distribution of anti-parasitic agent(s) into tissues and flush gel-protected organisms from tissue
  • Topical or suppository EDTA to chelate nano-particulates. EDTA is referenced in the patents as a neutralizing agent. IV EDTA / Vitamin C reportedly knocks down the population for about 1 month.
  • Oral charcoal to inhibit waste reabsorption from bile
  • Use this protocol for 1 week before adding glutathione

Phase 2: Destroy Graphene Oxide Infrastructure

Depending on the duration of infection the adverse effects of the work-products of these parasites is unknown. The magnet test can be used to determine graphene oxide artifact accumulation.

  1. Continue Phase 1 for ongoing remediation of hydra-parasites from shedding, aerosols and other sources;
  2. Chlorine Dioxide to degrade Graphene Oxide components previously generated;
  3. Glutathione as topical or suppository to aid detoxification and bolster antioxidant capacity;
  4. Continue until magnetism is fully resolved plus 3 months.




1 capsule 220 mg

Undermine development of feeding tubes for hydra derived organisms. Inhibits physiology of feeding tubes.

EDTA Cream

about 1 tsp applied to skin

Absorb metal toxins and hydra-parasite breakdown waste

4-6 capsules

Binder for waste products exiting liver to prevent reabsorb

2-10 drops/day to tolerance

Expedite breakdown of toxins and products vulnerable to oxidation.

Effort to capacity

Expedite detoxification

Flush hydra-parasites out of tissue

Distribute anti-parasitic & detox agents to tissue

Ionic Foot Detox

30-90 min

Watch water for how much material comes out. Continue at least until magnets do not stick.

Phase 2 Duration

  • Until all signs of magnetism have been removed or until ionic foot-bath is clear;
  • And until environmental dosing stops.

Phase 3: Recurring Knockdown

Repeat Phase 1 for 1 week per month or when Blood or Microscope test shows parasites are present.

Repeat Phase 2 on a positive magnet or RF test.

Environmental exposure is conducted by multiple means. The only hope is to remove the source of the parasites, which means removing the forces that developed and continue to deploy the parasites. Research herein indicates that Graphene oxide will degrade via natural mechansims over time, but not during continuous global deployment

Evidence Testing

Verification of hydra gel artifacts is possible by multiple methods. No lab is required for the blood draw method. 

Microscope Method

This method is discussed first because it shows the nature of the weaponized parasite.

  1. Draw blood on slide;
  2. Search for puddle artifacts
    1. Homogenous interior particulate about 1/10 - 1/20 the size of a red blood cell
    2. Surrounded by a mass of agglutinated red blood cells
    3. Red Blood Cells adjacent to the mass will appear clear, having lost the red-hemoglobin membrane.
  3. Time Lapse Confirmation:
    1. Fix on a candidate artifact
    2. Record 30-60 minutes of video
    3. Look for spike-events around the fringe
    4. Look for increase of artifact size
    5. Look for possible formation of other artifacts inside the candidate.

Magnet Method

A majority of affected individuals are magnetic. Paramagnetism has been widely observed with some cases showing magnetism. Normal tissue is a weak diamagnetic which repels magnetic material.

Neodymium magnets adhere to deltoid muscles because the hydra-parasites produce magnetic end products, presumably made of graphene oxide or graphene with manganese. Magnetism should decrease as the graphene by products are eliminated from the system over phase 2.

Drag a necklace magnet over the body searching for magnetic areas. Note strength and location of magnetic attraction. A decrease in either strength or magnetic area indicates breakdown in (para)magnetic toxins. 

The gall bladder area, below the right breast, tends to be most magnetic, likely because toxic graphene accumulates and dwells in the gall bladder during the detoxification process.  

Blood Draw Method - aka Mihalcea Method

The blood draw method cultures the hydra-parasite for a period of 4 hours.

A standing container at room temperature creates an incubator where hydra-parasites have unrestricted access to a captive food supply. The videos above show a process where the clear cytoplasm of the parasite will expand, leaving a residue of pierced red blood cell husks and escaped red blood cells that settle to the bottom.

An electron donor like EDTA or heparin donates electrons and neutralizes the parasite. This is why parasites evade detection in normal blood tests.

The end result will be a two-part mixture of parasitic-plastic organism(s), and a precipitate composed of partially clotted red blood cells mixed with the husks of parasitized RBCs. The husks will likely be darker than normal blood because they will be crumpled wrappers of red blood cells.


  1. Draw blood into a non-EDTA non-heparin treated container;
  2. Let stand at room temperature for 4 hours;
  3. Inspect the container for plastic-like plug and unnaturally degraded blood at bottom and a plastic artifact on top. 
    1. The plastic mass will be an parasite that when parasite has unrestricted access to feed;
    2. Degraded blood on bottom will be pierced hemoglobin shells with clotted blood it will be black and granular due to red blood cell husks mixed with clotted blood. 

See Dr Ana Mihalcea Article

In a normal sample after 4 hours there should be some sedimentation, but the blood should have fluid on top, not a plastic plug. Any clot should break up easily. If you observe a plasticized rubber-like plug the test is positive. Hydra-gels are alive and well and glutathione administration my accelerate hydra-gel propagation.

RF Bug Detector Method

Individuals infiltrated with sufficiently developed nanotechnology emit radio frequency signals.

These weak signals become detectable when the individual is in a quiet electromagnetic environment like a Faraday Cage.

Method is to go into the quietest RF area and scan the body for RF signals. Any area of the body emitting a signal is active and likely has a sufficient concentration of contaminants assembled into a soft actuator described by Hope and Tevon in this presentation.

MAC Address Tests

Bluetooth Test Protocol - Download an application to detect bluetooth technology which appears to have been included in Covid shots and possibly PCR Tests.

Managing Expectations

The only solution to  recurring inoculation is to halt environmental deployment of the parasite.  

Hydra-parasites are deployed to the public multiple vectors:

  1. aerosol - chemtrails;
  2. many medicines;
  3. food and possibly water.

Unlike natural pathogens there is weak basis to believe the immune system will form antibodies that prevent future infection.

This protocol is designed to maximize parasite stress and elimination to inhibit accumulation of nano-tech within the body and unknown adverse effects.

It may be possible for the immune system to recognize larval and cyst forms as I have videoed what appear to be white blood cells actively responding to apparent spawn forms with a foreign-body response. 

Case Studies (in progress)

Unvaxxed S1 - MS - 1.5% - P1 - Mag--

After Phase 1 at 7 days plasma hydra artifacts are undetectable under microscope. Magnet adheres over gall bladder and to one quarter sized area on chest. 

Starting Phase-2 protocol including use of chlorine dioxide on gall bladder area. I will use differential test of gall bladder versus chest point to differentiate performance in systemic-oral use of chlorine dioxide from local topical.


Vaxxed S2 - CS - 15% - Mag++

Blood artifacts were noticeably reduced after 2 weeks using TSEL protocol with light use of LiveO2. Subject had a cold so there was limited use of LiveO2. Blood showed significant hydra-parasites forming other artifacts. See Video Evidence video above.

Upgraded protocol to Phase-1, including .5cc of DMSO dissolved Fenbendazol at 5 days. 


Unvaxxed S3 - ML - 1.5%

No activity.

Unvaxxed S4 - DS - 1.5%

Subject doing frequent cold plunges and organic detoxification to establish hydra parasite response to optimal health protocols. This should establish a control. No symptoms or discomfort.


Vaxxed S5 - PH - Mag+

Subject doing frequent cold plunges and organic detoxification to establish hydra parasite response to optimal health protocols. This should establish a control. No symptoms or discomfort.



This document is action oriented targeting specific actions individuals can take to remediate their risks. This section addresses several questions relating to technical and starting point understand what is really going on. Click on the subject to expose the references.

Is this corroborated ?

Dr Ana Mihalcea and Clifford Carncom confirm deployment of parasites by multiple vectors for a long time.

See also:

Why not just EDTA ?

EDTA is not viable on the scale necessary to solve this problem.

EDTA Factors:

  • DOD patents disclose EDTA as an antidote
  • High Dose EDTA via Intravenous Administration required to clear blood
  • EDTA is poorly absorbed by the oral route - 3-5% absorbed, 2nd reference
  • But almost everyone has been infected with the parasite;
  • There are not enough doctors or enough EDTA to administer a solution to all the people that need it.

This protocol uses more available anti-parasitic compounds from a general group of anti-parasitic benzimidazole compounds.

Fenbendazamol, fenben, is a member of this group known to prevent phylum Cnidaria from developing functional feeding tubes. Fenben is effective at very low serum doses, as low as 12 mg/day, and can be easily administered via dermal route, skin, especially when dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO. Fenben is poorly absorbed by the oral route, but readily available 220 mg oral capsules were effective with unvaccinated subjects.

Fenben is readily available in bulk and is used as an anti-parasitic for many animals.


Is LiveO2 necessary ?

Data Points:

  • Case results so far show that Fenbendazol clears hydra parasites from the blood in about 7 days.
  • Use of LiveO2 flushes parasites out of tissues because more are observable post training;
  • IV EDTA reduces parasites in vaccinated subjects for 30 days suggesting seed-stock remains sheltered and reproduces absent knock-down;
  • Vaccinated subjects show about 80-90 % reduction in graphene oxide artifacts after training;
  • Vaccinated subjects show about 70% reduction in total hydra-parasite artifacts after training;
  • Vaccinated subject hydra-parasites are visibly degraded post training having smaller interior granulate and significantly smaller cytoplasma.


Conclusion - Hypoxic training LiveO2 has multiple effects:

  • Improved distribution of fluids containing therapeutic agents into tissue;
  • Ability to flush blood reserve from spleen under hypoxic challenge;
    •  to release sheltered parasites,
    • refill the spleen with blood containing anti-parasitic agents;
    • eliminates the spleen as a safe harbor for parasites.
  • Ability to maximize plasma and tissue oxygen levels even in avascular tissue to maximize innate immunity to maximize autoimmune pressure on parasites;
  • LiveO2 maximizes blood and tissue oxygen maximizing the oxidization and peroxidation substrates documented to degrade nanotechnology.

Is this related to 5G ?

The nano-parasites have been proven to respond to 5G and possibly higher frequency signals.

Dr Ana Mihalcea has demonstrated presence of radio frequency accelerates blood degradation in unvaccinated and vaccinated blood.

5G and likely cell phones generally are probably part of the control grid.


Why are they doing this ?

Global elite psychopaths like the World Economic forum have chosen to kill off useless humans and enslave the rest. 

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink, and other noxious demons have decided humanity is obsolete for their purposes. Their strategy over the past 20+ years has been to contaminate the biosphere with all manner of toxins to slowly poison life so they can kill it off or control it with a broadcast frequency control grid.

These presentations laying out the plan, the control grid, and the end goals. 

Rumors in stone

There have been many disclosures over the years. But the most noteworthy include the Hopi Prophecy Rocks, and the now destroyed Georgia Guidestones. 

The Hopi Prophecy Stones 1:45

  • foretell of man's divergence to two paths, a spiritual path and another technological path;
  • Most men follow the technology path and perish, indicated by a jagged line up to the right to nothingness;
  • A few other men follow the off ramp, downward line, back to the spiritual path and enjoy continuing life;
  • The circumstances today seem a lot like we are at this junction where we must reject technology that leads to mans demise.

The Georgia Guidestones cite elimination of all but 500 Million humans, starting with 8 billion - this means about 19 of 20 people are scheduled for termination.

19 of 20 humans slated for elimination

Political Rosetta Stone

The DOD has declared that this technology obsoletes all other weapons systems:

  • Anyone can be controlled or killed by signal technology when their DNA is known in the system;
  • With this level of control all other weapons are obsolete;
  • Ever wonder why the US was willing to walk away from $75B of weapons in Afghanistan?
  • Ever wonder why the US is willing to send all our domestic munitions to the Ukraine?
  • Open borders allow a replacement population to settle before the natives die

Economics Now Clear

The US Social Security system has $73T in unfunded liabilities.

Blackrock pension funds are bust.

There are three ways to settle debt:

  1. Pay it
  2. Default - by declaration or inflation
  3. Murder the people you owe.

Hmmm. See the Green Pill discussion of 2025 population predictions.

No Time to Die - James Bond Predictive Programming

Predictive programming and disclosure  "No Time To Die" 2:14:47 aquatic vats incubators breed DNA weaponized parasites genetic weapons able to kill anybody at any time - . The US military claimed they had this capability since about 2008.

This author social political and medical theater has been engineered to deploy this technology as widely as possible to prevent people from realizing they were infected with a deadly nano-tech parasite.

Whistle Blower - Dorian

The LiveO2 internal group enjoyed this interview with Dorian Nolen who went into great detail regarding mysterious initiatives he learned from his grandfather who accompanied Admiral Byrd including and beyond eyewitness programs:

Link To Video

Pfizer Whistle Blower - Melissa Macat

Mark and Ron from LiveO2 interview Melissa Mcatee from Pfizer who:

  • Repeatedly complained that the Pifzer vaccine did not meet Quality Assurance specifications;
  • Confirmed that shipping on Dry Ice did not meet shipping specification temperature specification;
  • Reported numerous Good Manufacturing Practice deviations which would trigger liability.



Protocol Strategy

Objectives :

  1. Disrupt feeding of nano-parasites;
  2. Remediate risk of vascular events by inhibiting clot-gel artifacts;
  3. Halt production of hydra-gel work product as
    1. graphene-related nano tubes
    2. Other artifact with unknown function
  4. Restore oxygen delivery to tissues by removal of hydra-gel from circulating blood;
  5. Retard or stop parasitic loss of Red Blood Cells
  6. Neutralize hydra-parasites concealed in body tissue;
  7. Maximize immune performance;
  8. Maximize foreign body elimination for nano & hydra products;
  9. Maximize detoxification and elimination

LiveO2 - Mechanisms of Action

  • LiveO2 with a maximum tolerable hypoxic exertion to:
    1. Flush parasitic organisms out of gel-secured tissue habitats;
    2. Drive fenbendazol throughout the entire body to affect hydra-gel parasites secured in tissues;
    3. Pump blood through liver and kidneys to filter out kill-off debris and circulating nano-products created by hydra-parasites;
    4. Maximize the immune competence to exploit innate anti-parasitic and detoxification mechanisms to maximize stress on all parasites and to optimize energy available for foreign-body rejection response.
  • Fenbendazole anti-parasitic explained

  • Fenbendazol is an anti-parasitic that interferes with feeding tube formation in parasites 
  • The author observed progressive reduction of hydra-parasites over 7 days to undetectable.
  • Disablement of the feeding mechanism gradually neutralize parasites by resource deprivation.

    EDTA Cream & Charcoal

    EDTA is cited in most patents as a neutralizing agent. Presumably the metal capturing ability of EDTA disables formation of intended products from hydra parasites. Removal of these elements likely reduces building blocks.

    Always use Charcoal with EDTA as a binder to prevent reabsorption of toxins. Take 4-6 capsules, 1 tsp, when you administer EDTA as a gel or a suppository. Charcoal has a strong negative charge and will cling to toxins inhibiting reabsorption as toxins exiting the gall bladder traverse the gut.


    Chlorine Dioxide

    Chlorine dioxide is widely used oxidizer popularized by Jim Humble. It is documented to accelerate degradation graphene related compounds.


    Graphene Oxide

    Chlorine dioxide is widely used oxidizer popularized by Jim Humble. It is documented to accelerate degradation graphene related compounds.

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    • https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/intended-consequences-mrna-vaccines
    • https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/fda-documents-confirm-pfizers-2021
    • https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/20-of-employees-unable-to-work-after
  • Quantum Dots

    Psychopaths on Parade - Mind Control


    1. 3:17 Inventors of Aerosolized nano tech for controlling humans "disappeared" to a naval base at Diego Garcia;
    2. 7:18 China has mind control technology;
    3. 7:19 Humans are Hackable Animals - WEF - Yuval Noah Harari
    4. 8:00 Announcement Mind Control Weapons
    5. 9:43 Announcing the end of Homo Sapiens
    6. 13:45 WEF = "Even the thoughts, emotions and dreams of city dwellers will be recorded"
    7. 17:35 - Humans are hackable animals;
    8. 18:00 "Free Will - that's over"
    9.  20:30 Humans as Cyborgs
    10. 22:05 B * C * D = Ability to Hack Humans
    11. 23:00 Now we are gaining the ability to create life just like god. But in the next presentation he asserts that God is only a language construct from folklore.

    AI and the future of humanity | Yuval Noah Harari at the Frontiers Forum

    • Human Rights are not biological;
    • God is only a language construct;

    Hope and Tevon

    Universal presence of these artifacts in samples evidences malevolent deployment of destructive technology. These seminal presentations discuss the what/why/how of the nanotech deployment and controls.

    These videos explain the what/why/how of the injections.

    Part 1: https://www.ftwproject.com/orgonite-blog/nanotech-plandemic/